VOIP Service Providers – The Future of Telephones

If you are well aware of your surroundings and have an interest in recent technologies growing, then you must have send different ads for the VoIP Services Providers called as Vonage, which offers a box that along with the internet connection will allow you to make unlimited long distance calls to Canada and Us for low, simple fee.

There are various competing VOIP providers, such as Skype (which is owned by eBay) with many pricing models.
VoIP actually stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it digitally translates one’s voice into packets that will get routed over the Internet, same as an email is broken down into various packets and is sent over the Internet. The advantage of VOIP comes in comparison to old style/traditional switched telephone lines, where the calls are routed by individual switches, and it requires widespread infrastructure on the part of the companies of these telephones, and therefore, required per minute charges.

Though, during late 1990’s when the telecom boom was there, many major telephone companies switched to a methodology driven by packets by using new fiber optics lines, and it significantly reduced their operating expenses – though at the price of a very huge investment up front in this new technology.

As a result of all this that gradually everything is moving towards VoIP but due to its newness various VoIP providers are jumping in to the market, from which you can take the advantage. There are VoIP providers that would require fixed monthly fee or will give you free calling to other numbers or addresses within network of theirs and will charge you for calling a regular landline. There is even such a VoIP provider that will make you buy a $300 piece of hardware and in return you will get free phone calls for your whole life.


Previously, software of VoIP had latency issues – you would speak and there would be a small but noticeable amount of holdup between when you spoke and when the person at the other end would hear you. The networks have matured and grown a lot, all the digitization software has improved, and this has finished this issue. VOIP is very good technology for usage at home.

This discussion about VOIP will be uncompleted without talking about the major gating factors about VOIP technology. This gating factor is that a decent VOIP connection depends heavily on the reliability of one’s high-speed Internet connection. If you do not possess high-speed connection then chances are high that you won’t be satisfied with your experience with VOIP technology. The VOIP carrier you will choose will not possess any control over the internet connection’s speed or reliability.

Are you still confused about how to select the right VOIP carrier for yourself? Then look around and search on internet for various feedbacks and recommendations about best VoIP providers in your area. Additionally, make a survey by reading different VoIP provider’s brochures you yourself will understand which provider to prefer.